Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Remixed

01 Netta – Toy (Ran Ziv & Tal Mor Remix)
02 Eleni Foureira – Fuego (Andreas Spathis Remix)
03 Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me (Richard Ulh Remix)
04 Jessica Mauboy – We Got Love (7th Heaven Remix)
05 Surie – Storm (7th Heaven Remix)
06 Franka – Crazy (Blacksoul & Mark De Line Remix)
07 Sennek – A Matter Of Time (MT SOUL Remix)
08 Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro – Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente (JollY Remix)
09 Saara Aalto – Monsters (Cutmore Remix)
10 Yianna Terzi – Oniro Mou (Jasmin’s Club Mix)
11 Benjamin Ingrosso – Dance you off (Extended Mix)
12 Doredos – My Lucky Day (DJ Katya Guseva Remix)
13 Eye Cue – Lost & Found (Going Deeper Remix)
14 The Humans – Goodbye (Cristian Eberhard Remix)
15 Aisel – X my Heart (More Beats Remix)
16 Alexander Rybak – Thats how you write a song (D’Dorian Remix)
17 Ieva Zasimauskaite – When We’re Old (UK Beat Remix)
18 MadameMonsieur – Mercy (english Remix)
19 Equinox – Bones (Leandro Yamamoto Remix)
20 Cesar Sampson – Nobody But You (DJ Burlak Remix)
21 Rasmussen – Higher Ground (Dany Comaro Remix)
22 Michael Schulte – You Let Me Walk Alone (Alex Martura Remix)

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Remixed

01 Occidentali’s Karma (Benny Benassi & Mazz Remix)
02 Verona (Notrack Bootleg)
03 Skeletons (Arif Zeynalov & Ekort Remix)
04 Origo (Disco’s Hit Extended Remix)
05 Breathlessly (Promostella Club Remix)
06 Amar Pelos Dois (Eric Faria & Giovanni Gomes & Nove3cinco Remix)
07 Paper (Edvard Egilsson Remix)
08 Fly With Me (DJ Hacik Remix)
09 Grab The Moment (JCBSN Remix)
10 Requiem (dZintars LEja Remix)
11 I Can’t Go On (Official Nameless Remix)
12 Apollo (7th Heaven Club Mix)
13 Occidentali’s Karma (Tom Palazzolo Kool Appeal Mix)
14 Perfect Life (Madizin Remix)
15 Line (Ex da Bass Club Mix)
16 Hey Mamma (Marco Ferretti Remix)
17 Beautiful Mess (Hit The Floor Remix)
18 City Lights (Helmo Remix)
19 I feel alive (DJ PM & Tomer Maizner Remix)
20 Gravity (7th Heaven Epic Mix)
21 Never Give up on You (7th Heaven Club Mix)

 Remix ESC 2016 Cover 1000
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Remixed

01 Can’t Stop The Feeling! (Daniel Siman Tov Remix)
02 1944 (Smart Apes x Ton Chiefs Remix)
03 Sound Of Silence (Glammstar Club Mix)
04 Heartbeat (7th Heaven Club Remix)
05 J’ai Cherché (Amice Remix)
06 If I Were Sorry (Marcus Layton Remix)
07 What’s the Pressure (DJ Seven T House Remix)
08 The Real Thing (Club Remix)
09 Loin d’Ici (Stone Van Brooken Remix)
10 Made of Stars (Sagi Kariv Remix)
11 Miracle (Promostella Club Remix)
12 I Didn’t Know (Promostella Club Remix)
13 You’re Not Alone (Cahill Club Remix)
14 Say Yay! (Tom Siher Remix)
15 If love was a crime (Hypnodrum Remix)
16 Bonus: Supersonic (Moonwalk Remix)
17 Sunlight (7th Heaven Club Remix)
18 Walk on Water (Micimago Remix)
19 LoveWave (DJ EGO meets Rhannes Remix)

Remix ESC 2015 Cover 1000

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Remixed

01 Heroes (7th Heaven Club Remix)
02 Goodbye To Yesterday (Xtinto Revisited Remix)
03 Rhythm inside (Elof de Neve’s eurosong festival big room mix)
04 A Million Voices (Nicky Miles Remix)
05 De la capat (Tiben revisited Remix)
06 Beauty Never Lies (Reconstructed Ricardo Autobahn Remix)
07 Love Injected (Ex da Bass Club Mix)
08 Amanecer (Stormby Extended Remix)
09 Hour of the Wolf (Etostone Remix)
10 One Thing I Should Have Done (Euroclub Remix)
11 Tonight again (Snoddy revisited remix)
12 Golden Boy (Yinon & Mor meet Sharon Remix)
13 Still in Love with You (Lone Sharx Remix)
14 This Time (One Element Remix)
15 Im alive ( Sonik & Gon Haziri Remix)
16 Autumn Leaves (Barney DJ Deep Remix)
17 Face The Shadow (The Sunside Remix)
18 Bonus: Glück (Ric&Rixx Bootleg Club Remix)
19 Bonus: Mesmerize (Monkeyneck Remix)

Remix ESC 2014 Cover 1000

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Remixed

01 Calm after the Storm (Justin Strikes Bootleg)
02 Start a fire (Etostone House Extended Remix)
03 Rise like a phoenix (Dudi Sharon & Jasmin Remix)
04 Dancing In The Rain (Stormby Extended Club Mix)
05 Cheesecake (DJ Nejtrino & DJ Baur Remix)
06 Undo (Stormby Remix)
07 Silent Storm (Rykkinnfella reconstructed Remix)
08 Children of the Universe (Scott Mills Club Remix)
09 Not Alone (DJ Serjo meets Rob Nagdalyan Remix)
10 Maybe (reconstructed Dance Remix)
11 Rise Up (Dario recontructed Remix)
12 Heartbeat (Morlando Club Mix)
13 Miracle (Alex Stavi Extended Remix)
14 We all (Golkswagen Wolf Remix)
15 Moustache (Fetzki Hands up remix)
16 Same Heart (N-Vision Bootleg Club Mix)



Remix ESC 2013 Cover 1000

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Remixed

01 Only Teardrops (extended DJ Robsis Remix)
02 Only Love survives (Zenemy House Remix)
03 If I could change the World (Club Remix)
04 I feed you my Love (Robin Low Remix)
05 Heart on the Line (DreiFarben Remix)
06 Hold Me (DJ Sukhoi Remix)
07 Gravity (Club Remix)
08 You (Dyliuz & Wigren extended Remix)
09 Believe in me (Blutonium Boy & Matty Menk Remix)
10 Glorious (Supasound Club Mix)
11 Rak Bishvilo (Omri Feinstein Remix)
12 Love kills (Matt Pop’s 12 Points Club Remix)
13 Kedvesem (RedCat & Jabin Remix)
14 The righteous Ones (Solee Remix)
15 Solayoh (Promostella Club Mix)
16 Shine (Sam V Club Remix)
17 Marry Me (Raffe Bergwall Remix)


Remix ESC 2012 Cover 1000
Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Remixed

01 Euphoria (Hard Pillow meets Matt Pop Remix)
02 Woki mit deim Popo (Chriss Remix)
03 La La Love (Arovia Remix)
04 Unbreakable (The 7th Heaven Remix)
05 Stay (Perfect Reflection Remix)
06 Party for everybody(DJ Smash Remix)
07 When the Music dies (Babaeff Dark Remix)
08 Love is blind (New West Club Remix)
09 The Sound of our Hearts (Midnight Run Remix)
10 We are the Heroes (Sveta Sova Remix)
11 Verjamem (Summer Club Remix)
12 Aphrodisiac (DJ Pantelis Remix)
13 This is our NIght (Sonic J Remix)
14 Nebo (Soundmodul meets Peggy Club Remix)
15 Crno i Belo (Dance Remix)
16 The Social Network Song (Claudio Bruneletti Remix)
17 Should’ve known better (Sappy Remix)
18 Zaleilah (Quentin Remix)
19 Love Unlimited (Hayjay Luv da Luv Remix)

Remix ESC 2011 Cover 1000
Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Remixed

01 Running scared (Adrian Sina Remix)
02 Taken by a stranger (Funk flex Remix)
03 Celebrate (Eric Destler Big Room Remix)
04 Ding dong (The Vooz Brothers Club Remix)
05 Popular (Soundfactory Club Remix)
06 I can (Moose Remix)
07 Live it up (Rueben de Latour Remix)
08 Boom boom (Tribute to Balkan Remix)
09 Rockefeller Street (Dance Remix)
10 The secret is love (Dance Remix)
11 New Tomorrow (Kryvian & Whilliam Rise Remix)
12 Angely (Horchata Remix)
13 One Life (Armani Lockwood Club Dub Remix)
14 Smile (DJ Lutique Remix)
15 Angel in disguise (Boyza II Remix)
16 I wanna meet Bob Dylan (Groove Section Remix)
17 My heart is refusing me (Amarillo & Finer Remix)
18 Try again (Mike Moorish Remix)
19 Szerelem miért múlsz (Antonyo & Andreas Remix)

Remix ESC 2010 Cover 1000

Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Remixed

01 Satellite (Inpetto Mix)
02 Legenda (Mafia Remix)
03 Run away (K-raYn Club remix)
04 Drip Drop (Alex Guerrero Radio Mix)
05 Il Pleut De L’or (Full Of Grace Radio Edit)
06 Allez Ola Ole (Kework Cocozza remix)
07 Opa (Hell Mix)
08 Playing with fire (FLY Remix)
09 We could be the same (Gooseflesh Extended remix)
10 Satellite (Tocadisco Remix)
11 Je ne sais quoi (Club mix)
12 Horehronie (KaMa extended Remix)
13 What for (Boyza II extended remix)
14 This is my life (Niclas Kings Extended remix)
15 My heart is yours (7h Club remix)
16 Glow (extended Remix)
17 That sounds good to me (The Thin Red Men Club Mix)
18 Ovo je Balkan (Club Mix)
19 Apricot Stone (G Radio Remix)


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Der Klugscheißer :-)

Februar 23, 2012at 9:41 pm

Beim Remix 2006 ist die Tracklist unvollständig:
Track 17 Show me your love und dann
Track 18 I hear your heartbeat


    Februar 25, 2012at 2:57 pm

    Erledigt! Danke für den Hinweis 😉


Juni 15, 2013at 5:33 pm

We LOVE your remixes!! Thanks for mailing our Website. We will do a full article on your site and your great mixes. Keep up the great work 🙂


    Juni 15, 2013at 5:38 pm

    Thx a lot for your appreciation…! compliments always keep it going 😉

Eurovision Groupie

Juni 16, 2013at 9:36 pm

Mega geile Remix Songs.Wir haben deine Seite „gepostet“ und bleiben dran !! Sind zwar noch eine kleine Fanpage geben uns aber Mühe. Weiter so..Hammer geil und genial egal wo zu hören !!


    Juni 17, 2013at 12:28 pm

    Danke, danke Groupies! 😉


Juni 17, 2013at 10:31 am

Why you didn’t add crisalide? :/


    Juni 17, 2013at 12:27 pm

    Sorry, there is always someone missing… Maybe there will be a „Remixed 2013 Vol. 2“ 😉

Bryon Nabors

Januar 3, 2014at 3:50 am

Eurovision fan from the USA here! This is an awesome website!
Eurovision Fan aus den USA hier! Dies ist eine tolle Website!


    Januar 3, 2014at 11:27 am

    Thank you so much!

derek stewart

Juni 21, 2014at 5:29 pm

hi loved your remixes but unable to now listen to them . how do i get a password 😛 thanks for your time


August 1, 2014at 10:32 pm

Hello! I’d also very much like a password! I enjoyed your remixes so much. Or are you planning to post them to SoundCloud?

M. Puigdefàbregas

Oktober 13, 2014at 12:59 pm

Your 2014 remix is great, I’d love to have the password to listen to the others!

Chris Zilm

November 21, 2014at 10:28 am

Hier ruft Australien an! Darf is auch das Passwort, bitte?


Dezember 3, 2014at 8:01 am

This is a great collection of remixed. However I am unable to listen as it is password protected.
Is there any other ways to get the password for listening to these remixed?

Boye Kjenner

März 19, 2015at 8:47 pm

i love this idea but id love even more to have password to listen to the remixes.

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